5 No-Cost Steps to Take Before Selling Your Home

1The first and most important tip when getting ready to sell your home, is to make sure that it is clean. Cleaning is one of the least expensive things you can do to your home and a clean home will ensure you of getting a quick sale and top dollar. Nothing turns away a potential buyer faster, than a house that is dirty or full of clutter. 

Spend a little time organizing, dusting and even scrubbing if needed. Focus on the areas that you know potential buyers will see. The less clutter, the cleaner a home appears. Organizing and removing clutter off countertops is especially important. You want buyers to be able to see exactly what they are purchasing and not have to move or look around clutter just to see the kitchen table! Clutter creates chaos and you want your buyers to be focused on the positive aspects of your home. 

Quick tip: The washer and dryer are a great place to quickly store a few items before a showing, buyers rarely open them!

2As you may know, buying a home is an emotional process. When buyers step foot into a home, personal decorations will be quick to grab their attention. Whether it’s your family photos hanging on the wall or a decoration displaying your religious views, it is best to remove these from the home before selling. Buyer’s can have a hard time picturing themselves living in your home especially if they see that your lifestyle and personal choices conflict with theirs. You will have a variety of buyers walk through your home so it is best to create a neutral feel inside your home.


I love pets, you may love pets too, but that doesn’t mean every buyer loves pets! Odors can be the fastest turn off for a buyer. You could have the perfect home at the perfect price but if it smells like a zoo, your buyer most likely will be looking the other way. Removing any pet odor is the first step to hiding all pet signs. Second step is to either remove, or at very least clean up the litter boxes, pet toys and any other items that shows you own a pet.



First impressions are HUGE! The first thing a buyer sees when they get to your home is your “Curb appeal”. Your “curb appeal” consists of several factors but a little landscaping is the easiest way to spruce up your “curb appeal”. This one may cost you a couple bucks but a fresh layer of mulch is the quickest and lowest cost way to freshen up your landscaping. A couple dollars and few hours of mulching will go a long way in improving your “curb appeal” and creating a perfect first impression. 


The goal is to make your home as inviting to others as possible. ‘Staging’ your home is always an option but using a professional service can be expensive. Instead of ‘staging’ you can simply rearrange your home. Whether it’s your living room or bedroom, you should rearrange the room to make it feel open and inviting. Buyer’s should be able to walk around the home and have it flow. Consider moving any couches, table or other furniture that may be in the way while walking from room to room.

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